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The Mineline Resources Team

A message from the Boss...

Mineline Resources is a small close knit team of technical mining professionals and partners that hold ourselves up to extremely high standards of work quality, ethics, safety and professionalism.  However this does not mean we cannot enjoy what we do and I strongly encourage my team to ensure they are also having fun. We love what we do, we do it better than most (sometimes under adverse conditions) and we inject our unique Mineline approach and outlook to all our endeavours. 

The large majority of our business is services and technical knowledge based work so our very existence relies heavily on our attitude, achieving what we say we will, honest forthright answers and advice for our clients and challenging the status quo to drive improvement.  Our word is our bond and if we tell you we can do it then we will achieve it.

I personally invite you to take some time, scroll down and read through our team bio page for a more lighthearted look at the people behind the brand and a deeper understanding of who we are. 

Glenn Jones.
Manager and Kelpie owner

Mineline Management and Administration Team

Glenn "Bear" Jones

Managing Director

Glenn Jones has over 20 years experience working in the business improvement, fleet optimisation, mining operations space and has been involved in projects, production initiatives and  training at  more than thirty five mine sites across five continents. Previous to mining he was involved in civil construction for three years involved in national highway drainage works and canal/marina construction. Preceding mining, Glenn's background was in the aviation industry as a commercial pilot (8 years) and airline ground dispatcher.
Glenn established Mineline Resources as a specialist knowledge, product and service company specialising in FMS and B.I in 2012. The company was initially based  on the central coast of New South Wales but relocated up to the picturesque Northern rivers area in 2017 where Glenn currently resides on 50 acres of Tweed river frontage farmland.
When he isn't hanging around mining pits or dispatch offices, you will find him renovating his farmhouse, out in the paddock, breaking bits on his bobcat or excavator or throwing the ball for his highly energetic and tennis ball addicted Kelpie dog.
Glenn also enjoys restoring and driving the Classic Mini Mokes and up until the farm acquisition had a couple of these classic machines. Due to the amount of farm work they were traded and sold to buy the excavator and bobcat which he keeps breaking. He dreams of the day he can buy or restore another Moke and stop breaking the excavator and bobcat. 

Susan Johnson

Administration Manager

Susan is the organising glue that holds all the Mineline grumpy old miners team together and inline. Coming with an extremely broad background and knowledge, Susan brings a wealth of experience and skill sets to the Mineline Team. From our financials to our marketing, if it needs to be organised or systemised then Susan is front and center.

Mineline Field Team

Masters of fluff and obstacle removal and all round paradigm busting, myth challenging,  production lifting legends

Mark "Chirgs" Chirgwin

FMS Co-ordinator
Mining systems specialist

Mark “Chirgs” Chirgwin has 30 years open-cut mining experience working and training in fleet management, autonomous haulage, mining equipment and primary crushers, covering over thirty mines around the world. 

Previous to mining he was involved with civil construction, earthworks, concreting, carpentry and plumbing. 

Mark joined Mineline Resources back in 2016, with prior history of working with Glenn at two different mining companies.

Mark lives in the NSW Tweed shire and spends his down time completing the to-do-list that his wife has mapped out for him. He also enjoys house renovations, and visiting (read-doting over) their first granddaughter. 

Mark's beloved restored Mini Moke is his second pride and joy and generates much interest around the shire.

Any other spare time is spent out at Glenn’s farm helping with renovations, breaking bits on his excavator or enjoying the odd scotch or two on the back porch throwing the ball for his highly energetic Kelpie dog (Bindi). 

Nolan "Noggs" Mack

FMS Co-ordinator
Mining systems specialist

Nolan “Noggs” Mack has over 24 years mining experience in many areas from equipment operations, supervision, planning, emergency response, survey and training. He spent 3 years of that implementing autonomous trucks in Western Australia and the oil sands of Canada and played a pivotal role in the development of the AHS simulators for Komatsu.

Nolan fills many roles at Mineline from data analysis, training, dispatch co-ordination, business improvement, technical documentation and project management. When he’s not at work Nolan fills many roles at Glenn’s farm including fixing bits that Glenn breaks on his bobcat and excavator, throwing the ball for the highly energetic kelpie and generally whinging about Glenn breaking bits on the bobcat and excavator.

Nolan floats between the west and East coast of Australia depending on current projects and the amount of broken bits on the farm equipment.

He also enjoys water skiing, 4wd drive buggy racing, house renovations and the odd scotch or two on Glenn’s back porch. Nolan also has a Mini Moke like Mark but has no time to restore it due to working on the bobcat and excavator.

Dylan "Ninja" Bourne

Site Co-ordinator
Hardware and communications

Dylan Bourne aka ‘The Ninja’ has over twelve years’ experience working in the IT industry, 10 of those spent in the mining industry.

Like all good IT professionals (Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates) Dylan dropped out of school, dropped out of New Zealand and moved to Australia to pursue a career in the Industry.

Dylan is based in Western Australia and is recently married and along with his wife are proud parents to two destructive cushion, boots and jandal chewing dogs

When not geeking out on computers at work, Dylan likes to geek out on computers at home... and also enjoys travelling, 4 wheel driving, web development, having BCFing fun and other ninja type activities. 

Dylan was the first employee of Mineline and holds payroll number MLR002 behind Glenn on MLR001. Although the youngest member of the Mineline team, Dylan enjoys reminding the other members of his payroll number on regular and numerous occasions. 

Dylan generally avoids the farm so he doesn't get suckered into fixing broken things on the bobcat and excavator or ball throwing for the Kelpie.

The Mineline team has saved millions of dollars and helped moved millions more tonnes for our clients. We have also moved several millions more tonnes on Glenn's back porch. For verification of either of these results we will gladly supply references.

Our extended team

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction

Gordon Furze 

Communications and Vision
Gordon is the owner and manager of Mining Vision Pty Ltd. The patented poly based trailers from Mining Vision are Mineline's platform of choice when it comes to Mobile and remote based networks. Mining vision also specialise in camera and remote surveillance systems.
Gordo lives on a few acres at the edge of the Nambucca River in Macksville, NSW.  He regularly assists Mineline in network and vision projects. Occasionally he has been known to appear on Bear's farm deck for a couple of quiet scotches.

Ian Tully

Technical support engineer

Ian is a Mining Engineering and Fleet Management Systems Specialist with an extensive background in Base Metal and Coal mines worldwide.

Ian holds a B.Eng in Mining from  University of Queensland and worked as a Mine Services Engineer and Project Engineer for modular mining for 9 years.  Ian has previously worked for Modular, Freeport, Rio Tinto, Equinox, Barrick and Newcrest.

He lives on a farm north of Noosa in sunny Queensland and when he is not pulling systems and databases apart he drives around on his Chinese tractor and playing cow farmer.

The Mineline Canine Team

Bindi the Kelpie - Minelline mascot, office and workshop security, activities co-ordinator and company wellness coach
Bindi has nearly 2 years experience in ball chasing, workshop protection, company activities and watching Nolan fix broken bits on Glenn's bobcat and excavator. Bindi's sheer enjoyment for the simple things in life (smacko's , tennis balls and pats) is infectious and provides the Mineline team with a reality check that sometimes we should just stop and smell the roses.