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People, Process, Platform and Performance solutions


Mineline Resources provides people, process, platform and performance solutions across the mining, extraction, transport, and construction industries

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The MineLine Resources team includes skills sets and technical subject matter experts in all aspects of fleet management, data services, strategic and tactical business guidance, communications and data transfer systems, business improvement and documentation services. 

Combined with further expertise from our strategic partners, MineLine can support the performance and improvement growth of your business, regardless of the size of your project or organisation. From the smaller operations through to the multiple site large corporations, MineLine can offer your business quality value add services and support.

Data to knowledge


  • Data warehousing
  • Data display walls
  • Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Reporting development
  • Data analysis services
  • SQL and SSRS specialists
  • Data server configuration
  • Remote field data access

FARA light fleet management system


  • Fleet management experts
  • Audit and configuration
  • Installation projects 
  • Fleet optimised tactics
  • Turn key system support services
  • Experience with all major systems
  • Specialist Dispatchers

Remote operations centres


  • Control room culture and philosophy
  • Ergonomic design and layout
  • Process workflows
  • Installation and build outs
  • Platform integration
  • Business guidance to sustain outcomes
  • Data walls and dashboard design 

Project management


  • Initiation and conceptualization
  • Project planning
  • Monitoring and control
  • Clean Project close off
  • Change control
  • Client focused service
  • Data driven format
  • Facts based descision making

Mining Vision poly communications and vision platform


  • Mining Vision POLY "mine eyes' platforms
  • Cameras and vision control software
  • WiFI network design and installations
  • Custom solutions 
  • Turn key solution packages
  • Access points and controllers
  • Specialist support and design advice

Mineline BARE essentials optimisation process


  • Mineline's BARE essentials methodology
  • Experience in multi pit / multi site projects
  • Cost, Quality and Rate project defining
  • B.I data analytical support
  • Time and motion studies
  • Analytics and forecasting
  • Proven improvements in major mine sites


  • Operational documentation
  • Project documents and mapping
  • Technical documentation
  • Online libraries
  • Report design 
  • Business template design and theming
  • Version control and collaboration tools
  • Training materials


  • Production optimisation
  • Time model design
  • Corporate metrics standards
  • Turn key fleet system support services
  • Dispatch optimisation tactics
  • Optimisation awareness workshops
  • Business improvement support
  • Project management 
Mine consultancy and engineering


  • System auditing
  • Production engineering
  • Engineering support tools
  • Contract engineering services
  • Specialists in fleet systems integration
  • Configurational and metrics design 
  • KPI alignment and development